Acadian Hearing & Balance Center/ Hearing Aids / West Monroe, AL

Our Mission:
Dedicated to Better Hearing Care….
At Acadian Hearing & Balance center we’re here to help you with every aspect of your hearing health, whether it’s hearing loss prevention, testing, finding solutions that help you hear better or addressing other hearing and balance issues. We work with you to provide a personal communication solution that improves the quality of your life and helps you enjoy the sounds of your world.
Services Include:
Diagnostic hearing and testing for adults and children, Balance testing-Videonystamography, Otoacoustic emissions, Newborn hearing screening, Hearing instruments available in a wide range technology, including 100% digital and programmable aids, 30-day trial period for all hearing aids, Hearing aid rehabilitation and counseling, Hearing aid performance analysis, Hearing aid checks and repairs, Batteries for all hearing aids, Assistive listening devices, Musician’s ear plus, Sound protection devices, Auditory Brainstem Response testing(ABR), Auditory steady state response (ASSR), Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials(VEMP), Tympanometry, High Frequency Tympanometry for infants under 6 months of age , Swimmer’s Ear Plugs, and Doc’s pro plugs
Insurance Plans Accepted:
Insurance…Acadian Hearing & Balance Center participates in many major insurance plans; including Medicare and Medicaid Payment…Acadian Hearing & Balance Center accepts cash, check and most major credit cards




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